Friend's Writing Contest

My writer friend, Jamie Carie's publisher is having a contest where you can win all of her books, her newest novella, and a coffee mug. If you like Christian fiction, this is for you or get it for a family member for the holidays. You can view the books and stuff at the link below.


Here's the details:

B&H Sweepstakes
Now through October 31, 2010 register for a chance to win one copy of each B&H book from award-winning author Jamie Carie, including her new Christmas novella, The Snowflake. We'll also throw in a Pure Enjoyment coffee mug plus an exclusive White Christmas Snowflake coffee packet (makes 8 to 10 cups).

To enter, just email and put "Snowflake" in the subject line. One winner will be selected.

IYG Files Suit Against the BMV

After much deliberation, IYG filed a lawsuit challenging the decision-making process used in granting specialty license plates by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The lawsuit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on behalf of IYG, charges that the requirements organizations must meet are vague and that the decisions are arbitrary.

Pretty boring, right?

Wrong! The first question the press asked IYG was, “Is there any thought that this denial may be due to the nature and membership of your group?"

Our response: “We hope not.”

The bottom line is that the criterion laid out by the BMV is so vague that it gives the BMV an inappropriate amount of latitude in approving and denying applications.

Filing the Application in 2008 and 2009:

IYG applied in 2008 for the specialty plates as a way to get the word out about IYG’s services and also was a great way for people to financially support IYG. It should be noted; we met all of the listed criteria.

We did wonder how the BMV would react to an LGBT organization applying. In 2008 eighteen organizations applied for specialty plates through the Indiana BMV and none were approved. It seemed that the BMV realized their criteria needed to be re-examined!

Revised guidelines came out in 2009; however the guidelines were not any more stringent than in the previous year. The only difference was the requirement that 500 names of people (who would purchase the plates if we were approved) needed to be submitted with the application. This was a change from the 2008 guidelines, which required organizations to submit the 500+ names within 3 months of approval.

At least ten other organizations went through that same time and energy in 2009 and in the end only two were approved. We received a letter indicating that our application was denied because we didn't meet all of the criteria, however there was no indication of what criteria we failed to meet. A representative from the BMV contacted IYG prior to the letter to inform us that they didn’t think we had a state-wide presence. Nowhere in the guidelines does it affirm that the organization has to be statewide. However, it does state that the organization has to be based in Indiana and have made a unique and significant civil or community contribution to the state.

A Waste of Time:

The bottom line to this law suit is that being approved for a specialty license plate seems to be a matter of luck and, for most organizations, a complete waste of time. Because the criteria is so vague, not-for-profit organizations that are normally short on money, time, and staff are using these limited resources not knowing they aren’t meeting some unspoken criteria.

IYG and the other organizations would not have spent the time and energy to get 500+ people to sign a petition unless they really thought they met the criteria. While it took an incredible amount of time and energy to get those names, we did, and felt it was worth every minute of our time. It seemed to be a small price to pay in order to get a specialty plate. Surely these other organizations felt the same way.

If the process was transparent and organizations were told why they were denied, the organizations could determine if they wanted to re-apply with additional information the next year.

Soon we will all see if the courts think the BMV uses criteria that are objective and fair and that their process is transparent.

Responses to inaccurate information:

“Now they want their own license plate!”

The law suit has nothing to do with IYG serving LGBT youth. The point of the suit is to challenge the BMV to have clear criteria and to have a transparent process...for ALL organizations that apply. Most non-profits don’t have a lot of extra time and energy to spend trying to be approved for the plates; make the criteria for the specialty plates specific enough so organizations won’t waste their time.

“IYG was turned down because they were going to use the funds for general operating support.”

This statement proves the point of our suit! The 2009 guidelines asked applicants to state their intended use of the funds generated by the plate. Nowhere does it say what the funds can or cannot be used for general operating support. Plus, IYG’s application stated that the funds would be used for 2 part-time people who would staff the center for an extra day per week and to support a monthly parents’ group.

“The ACLU, yet again, sticks its nose where it does not belong.”

The ACLU does not decide on lawsuits they’d like to file and then approach the people they could possibly represent. Like any law firm, people who feel they have been treated unjustly approach the ACLU to represent their organization.

Wordpress Question

I'm popping out of lurking to ask if someone can help. I have a new writing gig and I can't figure out how to add photos to my article in Wordpress. I tried the help button, but it didn't help. Does anyone out there know how to add photos to a post?


Circlet 100

I'm reposting this from Circlet Press These sound like great deals.


Our regular online shopping cart is down. But we need your help!

Our first actual printed book in over 3 years, BEST EROTIC FANTASY, is ready to be manufactured. Bookstores have ordered it! Readers want it! But cash flow is so slow that paying the printer to fill the orders might take so long that we lose the bookstores’ interest.

How can you help? Become one of the Circlet 100! This is not a “donation.” We’re asking you to make a special, one-time purchase of one of two items that are only available until May 15th. We just need 100 people to take us up on this offer and we’ll meet our goal!

1 Purchase a CD-ROM for $50 which includes all the erotic anthologies in the “Like” Series and a few other anthologies, 20 books in all, which have a combined retail value of $128.80! This CD-ROM will only be available for a limited time! Shipping included.


2 Purchase the Deluxe supporter package for $100, which includes an even bigger collection of books! Includes not only the 20 anthologies, but also seven single-author titles including Faewolf, Alpha, Robotica, and Edge Plays. AND a “Circlet 100″ T-Shirt! Retail value $187.73! Shipping included.

Please tell your friends about this offer, which will only be good until May 15th. This is is an incredible deal on the best quality erotic fantasy and erotic science fiction available, and also a collector’s item!

Every ebook will be provided in both PDF and HTML format (suitable for Kindle or any browser). If we can get an ePub conversion going by May 15th that produces decent quality, we will include that, too (at the moment we are not satisfied with the quality of the ePub we’ve been able to create in-house).

To purchase, hit the CHIPIN button below. You will be directed to Paypal where you can pay with a Paypal account or with credit card/debit card. It’s that simple!

(If the widget doesn’t appear to be updating for you, clear your cache.)

You can also pay by check. Just mail it to us at Circlet Press, CIRCLET 100, 39 Hurlbut Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138, and be sure to include your return mailing address!

Descriptions of all the books included in the package are below:

Read the rest of this entry » [Note from Ellen: I don't know if this link works. Sorry!]
wonder woman3

Are we there yet? NOPE!!!!!

Can you believe that a school district canceled a prom because a lesbian teen wanted to take her female date? I can't believe schools are still fighting this. How many times does ACLU have to sue school districts before schools change their policy on this?

I mean give me a break. Washington D.C. joined the places in the U.S. that allow same sex marriage, but schools are still denying that there are GLBT students. *sigh*

If you want to join me in emailing this school district their address is I haven't emailed yet, but I've been brainstorming what I want to say.

Keep Fighting the Discrimination,
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R.I.P Sphynx - March 8, 2010

I had to take Sphynx and have her put to sleep on Monday. She had a really bad day on Sunday, so Melissa didn't want her to suffer anymore. She felt better Monday, but we knew that it can get better before it gets worse. When I took her in, the vet noticed how Jaundice(sp?) she was. The poor thing was getting skinnier and turning yellow. She still wanted to eat, but we didn't want to wait until she quit. The vet asked if she was still eating. I guess she wanted to see how far gone she was. Melissa couldn't go with me to the vet because she couldn't handle seeing the love of her life like that. I held her as she fell asleep.

Her remains came home today in an urn. We want to find a Sphynx or something Egyptian to use as an urn, but for now, she has the plastic box the crematory used.

Ellen, sad mama
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ALERT: Possible Elderly GLBT Scam

I received this from an FTM friend and thought I'd share here. My poll didn't receive much response, so I don't know how many of you are still reading me, but here you go.


Dear Colleagues:

Shortly after Creating Change, one of our colleagues from the LGBT Aging Project in MA received a request from a group called LambdaPride. Org Senior Advocacy Group to fill out a survey and participate in their LGBT aging research. There is a click through to "learn more about their organization. The phone number at the site was a Dallas area code (I say was, because the phone number has changed twice since we investigated it).

In doing some inquiry, it appears that this group is a scam. The author identified on the site is an author, however, he is an author of some pretty right-wing fundamentalist information. Further, the link to click for more information takes you directly to Paypal, with suggested donation levels.

It seems clear that this organization is a scam, using keywords that may attract unwary LGBT elders to give their name and address.

I encourage you to share this information out, especially if you had constituents who attended Creating Change, in case they receive a similar solicitation.

Karen Taylor

Director of Advocacy & Training

Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE)

305 Seventh Avenue , 6th Floor

New York, NY 10001

(212) 741-2247 x 237

www.sageusa. org

are you a professional working with LGBT older adults? Register for SAGEConnect today! www.sageconnect. net

5 Top Queer Mystery writers come to Indy Oct 17th!

I am sooo excited to announce this. My writer friend, Greg Herren (scottynola) and an writing acquaintance, along with others, will be coming to Indy this coming weekend. :-D I hope I can hook up with one or more of these writers for dinner or lunch this weekend.

I absolutely love Ellen Hart's Jane Lawless mysteries and Greg Herren's Scotty series ( I haven't read a Chanse yet). I'll have to buy one for this event.

See you there,

Listen to and Meet the top queer mystery authors in the nation! Pick up your free ticket at Out Word Bound!

Event to be held at Theatre On The Square (TOTS), 637 Mass Ave. ~ Limited Cabaret seating

* * Pre-purchase a book and go to the front of the autographing line!

Don't miss...

Anthony Bidulka, author of 'Aloha, Candy Hearts', the latest in the Russell Quant series

Ellen Hart, author of 'Sweet Poison' and 'Mortal Groove', the latest in the Jane Lawless series

Greg Herren, author of 'Murder in the Rue Ursulines', the latest in the Chanse MacLeod series

Neil Plakcy, author of 'Mahu Vice', the latest in the Mahu series

Mark Zubro, author of 'Hook, Line & Homicide,' the latest in the Paul Turner series and 'Schooled in Murder,' the latest Tom and Scott mystery


I stole this from Sarah's LJ


1. Your ex is on the side of the road on fire. What do you do?
I'd stop and help them. Just because they did me wrong doesn't mean I should be an ass in return.

2. Your best friend tells you she is pregnant. What is your reaction?
I'd be happy for her and support her.

3. When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
I don't really get the urge to punch someone. LOL After I typed that I realized that I discussed wanting to slap my little cousin for mouthing off today at lunch. LOL

4. Congratulations! You just had a son. What's his name?
A boy? Hmm...I don't know. Frank? For some reason I always want to name my male characters that.

5. Congratulations! You just had a daughter. What's her name?
Elizabeth. My mom would love that. :-)

6. What are you craving right now?
Probably, ice cream.

7. What was the last thing you cried about?
Mean things people say to each other and to me.

8. When you buy something and your change is a penny. Do you keep it or tell them to keep the change?
The cheapskate in me says to take the penny, but the other side says to let them keep it for someone needier to put toward their bill.

9. What color is your tissue box?
Blue with flowers

10. Do you have a ceiling fan in your room, and if so, is there dust on that fan?
Yes, dust bunnies live up there, you know.

11. What is the last voicemail you received about?
The payoff amount for my mortgage.

12. Scariest thing you've experienced in the last year?
Losing my home and car if I don't get more freelance work or a job before my unemployment runs out.

13. What do you order when you go to Taco Bell?
bean burrito and/or Grilled Stuffed

14. Have you ever had a garage sale?
No, but I've shopped at them.

15. What was the last alcoholic beverage you had?
a wine cooler - Seagram's - they have the least amount of alcohol in them.

16.Are you happy right now?
Sort of - my relationship seems to be on a good upswing at the moment

17. Who came over last?
No one.

18. Do you miss anybody right now?
friends, my animals who have passed, my mom

19. Dark or light jeans?
Light. I love them to look old. I don't like the dark, new looking jeans.

20. What was the last movie you watched at home?
I watched Missing with Tommy Lee Jones at Melissa's mom's new apartment yesterday. The DVD box lied about the shapeshifter in it. There is no shapeshifter.

21. What is in your pocket?
I'm in my undies, so no pockets, :-)

22. Who introduced you to your [significant other]?
A mutual friend, Cathy - once at Tomorrow's and a few years later at Pride.

23. Where do you hurt?
left shoulder blade up my neck into my head, left ankle, right hip

24. What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart?
I prefer K Mart. I don't like to shop at the Dreaded W.

25. When is your birthday?
December 10th

26. What are you going to do after this?
phone work

27. What is your favorite dessert?
peach cobbler

28. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives?
Yes, my grandma's middle name

29. Is someone plotting your demise?
I don't know. You'd have to ask them.

30. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
Yeah, all the time.

31. Does someone like you right now?
I don't know. You'd have to ask them.

32. Do you know anyone in jail/prison?

33. Do you like the color green?
I guess so. I don't really have a favorite color at the moment. For some reason I don't feel drawn to any certain color.

34. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Probably not
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